Rules and guidelines

Every member of Nordic Small Cap follows our rules and guidelines. If a member breaches one of our rules, they get banned. But not to worry, they are strict – but not complicated.

  1. Use English. It doesn’t need to be perfect; the most important thing is that you participate.
  2. Be active. You don’t need to be on the forums every day but give feedback and participate in discussions so that you give value to other members.
  3. Don’t share or use other members contributions outside of the forums. This is a chamber of trust.
  4. Be nice. Make the criticism constructive. Personal attacks are an immediate ban.
  5. Don’t spam or create off-topic threads. We focus on investing, and topics like immigration, football and knitting is best discussed elsewhere.
  6. Don’t breach our confidence. This isn’t the place for ulterior motives, breaking laws or suspicious ethics. Breach of confidence will lead to an immediate ban.