We learn from eachother's experencies to become better investors.
To become a good investor, you need to be continously learning

Investing isn’t something you study for a certain amount of time and then get a diploma. You need to take actions, learn from your mistakes, expand your horizons and challenge yourself. It’s a continous process where you gradually become better. On your journey you will make mistakes. A lot of them actually. And some of them will hurt. Badly.

Our members share their experiences, discuss strategies and help eachother overcome obstacles. You don’t need to make the mistakes as others, and you don’t need to see others going through the same mistakes you’ve made. The benefits of being a part of an investment club is that you get to hone your skills, get feedback and share your journey. At NordicSmallCap, our goal is to create a culture based on performance and feedback. We’re a space for exploration, discussion and reflection.

Benefits of Being a Member

    • Better deal flow by leveraging eachother’s research.
    • Easier due dilligence process by getting feedback and insights.
    • Access to off-the market deals and deals in the private markets.