Better Deal Flow

By sharing research and information with eachother, we get more actionable ideas

The Benefits of Small Caps

Some small caps are extremely illiquid. Many of them lack coverage from investment banks and researchers. If you’re a small cap investor, you know most of them demands extensive due dilligence. But, these are good reasons for why the small cap universe is an exciting one. Without easily available information and no public interest, the probability of mispricings are high.

However, going at it alone is time consuming. We know. And that’s why we established By leveraging eachother’s research, experiences and insights, we’ll be able to get more introductions in our watchlist – and better deal flows.


Benefits of being a member

  • Better deal flow by leveraging eachother’s research.
  • Easier due dilligence process by getting feedback and insights.
  • Access to off-the market deals and deals in the private markets.