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Markus Enge


AFG: is on my watchlist.

EVO/Kindred: P/E over 20 goes in my too difficult pile. But I see other smart investors like Edd (EVO) and Thomas Nielsen (both) have those as some of their largest investments, so my guess would be that its a good choice.

For Fjordkraft the reputation worries me a bit. I am a customer of the company myself, and the technical solutions, etc are good but seem a bit too eager to adjust the prices after the initial period and their default option to charge 39 NOK for the paper invoices annoys me. And more “transparent” competitors like Tibber seems to be gaining ground. Currently, I guess Tibber is getting the “worst” customers that are quite price sensitive and changes often, but if the “loyal base”(like me) starts moving it might affect margins.

I’ll get back to Vistin in your review thread.

Your portfolio allocation looks like my ideal allocation, but somehow I end up with loads of 2% positions. Do you normally add to the positions even if the stock increases after purchase?