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Joining in on the round of introductions: My name is Christian, I am 28 years old and grew up in Halden (adding to the already quite large selection of members in here from Østfold, messing with Hallgeir Kvadsheims impressions of what is the most fucked counties of all from a personal finance perspective from his years working on “Luksusfellen”).


I currently reside in Oslo with my girlfriend and our 4 month year old daughter. After graduating business school in 2017, I started working as a management consultant at AFRY (formerly known as ÅF) with a specific focus on advising energy- and utility companies. This type of work includes a lot of transactions and M&A, as well as more typical strategy consulting.


On investing, I first got into it at business school in 2013 and have been hooked since. I love to pick apart companies, looking for where their edge is and where the potential opportunities and pitfalls might lie. I started out by reading “The Intelligent Investor”, but over the years my investment style has changed more in the direction of looking for compounders and growth at a reasonable price in the Nordic space.