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Tommy Kristiansen


I was a part of one of the worst purchases in modern history where we lost 90% of our market cap in one M&A deal. (litigation still pending).

This should be the subtitle of your biography x)


Tommy Kristiansen 30 yo, been investing in stocks for …I don’t know, five – six years maybe. Born and raised in Sarpsborg, and after living in Lillehammer, Kristiansand and Hamar, I’ve temporarily moved back as I got a new job this year. I worked at Norsk Tipping for a couple of years, wanted to move to Oslo and got a job at a marketing agency. Currently working with customers in finance, real estate and technology. A lot of them has something to do with the markets (M&A-lawyer and a publicly listed company, among others) or investing in general.

There’s nothing sexier than a perfect balance sheet that nobody wants. They are out there, but certainly not easy to find.