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Markus Enge


So I invest through two different limited liability companies for historic reasons, consultancy income, etc that it was more efficient to invest inside the “tax box” regime in Norway. I have separate Nordnet & Pareto accounts for them and also private accounts there to invest my privately held funds. Pareto makes it much easier to shop OTC shares in Norway, Nordnet is atm a bit better on useability and access to markets. In addition, I have an account at interactive brokers, here I trade options and OTC shares in the US and more exotic stocks.

The last time I have invested above 15% of my capital it has been in companies like Aker, Bonheur, Saga when they have been trading with a laaarge discount to NAV, so it’s easy to see that there’s a quite limited downside in the long term. The other alternative would be excellent companies to excellent prices.