How to become a member

To become one of us, you need to be approved by our members. That way, we ensure trustworthy and quality content.

Here’s how you apply:

1. Read through our rules and guidelines. We consider them accepted when we receive your application. You find the rules and guidelines here.

2. Write a short analysis (1-3 pages) and send it to Use the name of the company in the subject field. The company needs to be a small cap and the text needs to be in english. You have the option of applying below, but be aware of a limited word count.

3. Wait for the voting-process at the end of the month. If you’re approved, you’ll get a notice soon thereafter. If not, you’ll be able to try again next month.

We’ll soon offer a paid service. For other requests, contact:

Apply here or (preferably) send your application in a PDF-format to NB

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