By investors, for investors is a community of small-cap investors in the Nordic markets. We work together to discover new investment ideas in the most under-analyzed part of the market.

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Being a small cap investor is often a tedious task. The process takes weeks and months, often without being presented an opportunity. In some ways, it’s like being a hunter. You wait, try to navigate through a challenging landscape and use most of your time preparing for the strike. And if you’re unprepared, you risk missing the shot.

We aim to give investors a place to share their research, help eachother in due diligence and collaborate to become better investors.  Everything you find in our forums and on our blog is investing related. We don’t do off-topic discussions.

To become a member, you need to apply with a short thesis on a company of your choosing. The members will then, at the end of the month, take a vote. If you’re approved, you will get full access the following month. If not, you’ll be able to try again.


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